Why do we print our photos?

Why do we print out our photos? It sounds kinda funny when you actually say it. Photos were meant to be printed. They are meant to be hung up on the wall and we like to create art pieces for people to see all the time. 

Of course we know that Instagram and Facebook are places that people love to share their work. We love to share our work there as well. We just also love prints. 

There is just a different feeling that people get when they look through actual prints. People can scroll through a million photos on their feed from Instagram, but the pace that people look through prints is a little different. There is a story to tell when you look through the prints. 

Print! Print! Print! 

A lot of people deliver their images through CDs or through a USB drive, but after they get that, it just sits around and the photos never get printed. I was one of the people that had a CD of images that never printed our wedding photos. It took us almost 10 years to put our photos on an album! 

When you print out an album of your work, you can always go back and look at all your work and look at all the great things that you have done. Growing up, it was always fun to go back and look over some of the old images that we had created. We want to keep that feeling for people! 

Print your work!