Why do you need wedding videography?

Why do you need wedding videography? Why should you invest in it? 

We love video. In photography, there are limits on what things you get to save. An image is worth a thousand words, but in video those words come to life! 

Imagine hearing your dad again during his speech or during his first look with the bride. Imagine seeing all the people in motion all over again. Imagine the sounds and the sights all coming back to life again for you to view over and over again. 

These are some of the things that you get from a wedding video. You get to relive the past and hear the tearful moments again and again. Those amazing speeches can be heard over and over again. 

When all the highlights from the day are put into an amazing trailer for your day, it will be something that you can share from generation to generation. It can also be something that you can watch every anniversary to remember the love from that day. 

Keep video a priority. All the other things that are created for a wedding are going to come and go, but the memories can live on forever with your photos and your video. Make sure that those memories can be played back again. 

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