Why we loved WPPI!

This was the first time that we had gone out to Las Vegas for the convention and we only had tickets for the expo this time around and next time we for sure will be going to more of the sessions to hear some of the amazing speakers that are brought into town. 

We walked around to all the booths to check out all the amazing things that everyone has. One of the things that we really wanted to lock down was a new album designer. There was one company that blew us away and is totally in line with our company. We are excited to create our first albums with them and share them out with all of you! We will be joining up with GraphiStudio and there amazing album designs! 

We also were trying to find new companies for wall designs! We liked a lot of the things that we saw, but the photos that stood out the most were giant framed prints! We love canvases, but the huge prints looked amazing on these galleries! We will be ordering some giant prints soon and putting them on some walls to see what we think! 

Lastly, it was great seeing some of the amazing photographers that we have followed along for so many years. Photographers like Sue Bryce, Lindsay Adler, Dixie Dixon, Joe Buissink, Peter Hurley and Vanessa Joy! There were so many talented photographers at the conference and it was great to gain some wisdom from all of them. 

During one of our first free days on the trip, we planned a shoot! We couldn't help it! We love doing it and we were in a new place, so we had to set something up! Here is a sneak peek from it! We will share more from the shoot soon!