Locations to take photos in North County San Diego

We recently saw a friend post on Facebook asking for different places to shoot in North County San Diego. Where do people do family portrait sessions or any other session in North County San Diego? 

We were tagged in the post and I realized that it would make a good post for people to know the different areas that we shoot in. 

Here are some different suggestions for the places that we go to. 


Ponto Beach | Carlsbad, Ca

If you are looking to do a beach shoot, this is one of the great spots to do it in North County. Just go around golden hour and you will get some good light to shoot and have a beautiful sunset.  You can also get on the jetties to shoot and can create some amazing images on them. 

Terramar | Carlsbad, CA

I love Terramar because there is usually a good stretch of beach that you can shoot at without a lot of people around. Just make sure to check the tide schedule before you head out because you don't want the tide to crash all the way up to the wall and stairs when you head out there.. 


Elfin Forest | San Marcos

Elfin Forest is one of our favorite locations to shoot. The imagery that you can create there is amazing! You do have to obtain a permit to shoot there though. Permit costs are $50/hour and can be obtained HERE.

Felicita Park | Escondido

It is a lush location and plenty of great areas to take photos. It costs around $3 to get in and park your car there, but why not! There are big rocks and water. Definitely a spot we should shoot more! 

Lake Hodges | Escondido

There are a lot of places around Lake Hodges that you can shoot. I would definitely scout our a few different areas around it. We have done shoots on so many random locations around it, but have always loved the results. There won't be a lot of people around if you find a secluded area and that always helps people feel a little more comfortable in front of the camera. 


Old Poway Park | Rancho Bernardo

Old Poway Park has all kinds of areas that you can create some amazing images, but there will be a lot of other photographers to work around. A lot of people like to choose this location and you will for sure run into other people taking photos in this area at the same time. Some of the popular areas to take photos will take some time to wait for others to get out of the way. 

Leo Carillo Ranch | Carlsbad

There are a ton of different areas that are amazing for photo opportunities for a rustic style look. It is a spot that we want to shoot more at. We know there are a lot of great things that we can create here. 


What are some other locations that you have heard of for shooting?