We are so excited to start our Senior Rep Program for the first time. We will be opening it up to the Class of 2017.  We want to provide our senior Class of 2017 with an amazing experience during their photoshoot. We also want to create some incredible art pieces from their photography.

We will be selecting a Senior Rep from all schools and the program will give the reps the opportunity to gain rewards towards their photography products. As a rep, your job will be to spread the word about your experience with E+F. You will receive referral cards with your own photos on them. With each referral, you will earn credit towards your order! 


  • You will get to participate in a complimentary BFF session. This session will be AWESOME. We will have so much fun and you will get to create a session with your bestie. 
  • Senior Reps will have exclusive access to concept shoots and projects throughout the year. 
  • $100 print credits for each referral that books with us.*
  • The rep with the most referrals at the end of the school year will receive a complimentary best friends photoshoot. You and up to 4 of your best friends will be able to create a photoshoot after graduation. 

* referrals must book the session and mention you at booking time.


  • Current graduating student for the Class of 2017
  • Must plan to work exclusively with Ernie & Fiona Photography during the summer before and your entire senior year. Senior reps cannot represent any other photographers. 


-all tasks should be completed before preview session-

  • Share your sneak peeks post on your Facebook or Instagram (Tag E+F)  | $10 print credit
  • Change your Facebook or Instagram profile photo to one taken by E+F | $15 print credit
  • Send Ernie & Fiona Photography a detailed review about your session on Google and Facebook| $20 print credit
  • Refer a new portrait client to Ernie & Fiona Photography* | $100 print credit
  • Refer a new wedding client to Ernie & Fiona Photography* | $200 print credit


* referrals must book the session and mention you at booking time, print credits for referrals can carry over after preview session



Fill out the form if you are interested in applying for the Senior Rep Program:

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