We are so excited to start our senior rep program. We will be opening it up to a few people, INVITE ONLY. We want to provide our ambassadors with an amazing experience during their photo shoot. We also want to create some incredible art pieces for them and for their social media.

As a rep, your job will be to spread the word about your experience with E+F through social media and through word of mouth. You will be rewarded for each referral that comes in after their preview sessions.


This program is for eager young women/men who are photogenic, business-minded, writers, and interested in photography. You must be willing to work during your senior year to not only take part in many shoots, but to also market my business on your social media pages to recruit seniors from your high school! This program works really well for those who are heavily involved in their school, have a large social media base, and love taking photos. For my aspiring models, you will receive these photos with a release to use for your future portfolios! 



  • You will get to participate in a complimentary photo shoot with us. This session will be AWESOME. We will have so much fun.
  • You will receive hair and makeup for the shoot. 
  • Video created from photo shoots
  • After 3 referrals, you will get to participate in one of our creative shoots (paint, glitter, etc.) 
  • You will receive ALL the digital files from your shoot to share throughout social media
  • Participate in photo shoot at the end of the year with the rest of the senior reps from the year
  • Your referrals will receive a complimentary photo shoot that includes our time shooting with hair and makeup. Images not included. 

    * referrals must book the session and mention you at booking time.


  • Senior Reps are INVITE ONLY
  • Senior Reps must be active on social media accounts, sharing posts and commenting on account
  • Senior Reps will be able to give away complimentary photo shoots for people

    * referrals must book the session and mention you at booking time


  • Every 5 referrals will receive $100
  • 10 referrals will receive Senior Album
  • 15 referrals will receive 20x24 framed print

    * referral is counted after client comes in for preview session for photo shoot

Fill out the form if you are interested in applying for the Senior Rep Program:

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Due to most juniors/seniors being under the age of 18, parent/guardian consent is required.
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