6/365 We missed a day!

WE MISSED A DAY!!! Already up to day 6 and we missed a day. I guess it was bound to happen! 

We had a busy day and we want to start documenting more and more of our days with photos as well. Instead of just dropping in that self-portrait that we have been doing, we want to share more and more that we have done throughout our day. Kinda like a photo blog of what we had done and not just the shoots. We think it would be cool. 

The thoughts behind it all is that we would get more practice having the camera out and about for when we start our vlogs. We want to get into daily vlogs and at the moment we just need to find the time to make it all happen. There is a lot of prep and production that comes with that. 

We also like the idea of creating a photo blog of all the unique things that happen in a day. We want to create good images throughout the day. We will see how far we can do it. We tried to do it yesterday with the iPhone, but I just am not pleased with the quality of the photos from the iPhone right now. As much as people love the iPhone and the ability to take good photos, it won't replace our DSLR at this point. We will use it from time to time to create, but we will have our cam with us at all times anyway.