VIDEO: Ballet Dancing with smoke bombs and powder

We are always pushing our boundaries. We are always doing new things and always looking to create something that will make people stop for more than a couple of seconds. Our idea lately is to bring in a ballet dancer and toss some flour and smoke bombs around. 

Tossing flour or powder is not a new thing in the ballet world, but a lot of the images are in front of a black backdrop. We had done that image before ourselves, but we wanted to go on location and create something like that. 

We got Alyssa prepped at our studio and we went down to the beach to toss some powder around and let off some smoke bombs.

Check out some of the images in the video below. 

We are always willing to create something new and something different. We will not live a life of regrets. If we have an idea, we will find a way to create it. This is one of those creations. 

Let us know your thoughts on the photos from the day.