Beautiful Baby Portraits

Dean and Jasmine have brought a beautiful baby into the world and we were given the opportunity to take portraits for the little one. We did our session at their house in order to make things comfortable for them and really make it comfortable for the little one. As long as the little one was comfortable and in a surrounding that was good, then we would be able to take some really awesome photos with the family and with the new little cub that they brought in.

Check out some of the great photos from their session:

2016-01-04_0005 2016-01-04_0006 2016-01-04_0007 2016-01-04_0008

We used one of the baskets that they had and stuffed it down with some pillows and a comfortable blanket and put baby right in and it is like he rested on a cloud. We kept a heater on to keep him warm and comfortable. 

2016-01-04_0009 2016-01-04_0010 2016-01-04_0011 2016-01-04_0012 2016-01-04_0013

Of course we had to take photos with mom and dad. They had a rocking chair and a white wall, so we made it work out beautifully. We had some of our favorite photos from that little rocking chair against a white wall. Check out some of the photos from there:  2016-01-04_0014 2016-01-04_0015 2016-01-04_0016 2016-01-04_0017   2016-01-04_0019

We had an awesome time with Dean and Jasmine.

San Diego Baby Portraits photographer: Be Still Photog | Ernie Padaon | Fiona Padaon