Creating our new boudoir photography brand

If you didn't know, Fiona started up a boudoir brand! It is so exciting to go through the journey of creating a new brand. It is fun to watch it grow from scratch and it also is a challenge that we chose to accept. 

It is not easy to do photography as a business in the first place. Starting up a new brand and going through some of the processes all over is going to be interesting. It will be great though to separate this type of photography from our other brand.

Eventually, we may have to separate all kinds of different areas from our brand. We already are looking at creating a video brand and another brand we are starting is a social media marketing brand that specializes in custom creative content. 

We started up FLAWLESS BOUDOIR. If you are looking for boudoir photography, then send us a message and we can get you booked. If you do it in the next couple of months, we will offer 50% off from our current prices. Our photography has already shined, but we need more portfolio pieces to keep building the brand. 

Check out the page and see some of the photos below.

San Diego Boudoir Photographer: Flawless Boudoir | Fiona Padaon
San Diego Hair and MUA: The Industry Del Mar | Blyss Macias