Every single day you see a cow or cow patterns

I love carrying that GoPro around to capture all the things that happen on our trips and all the behind the scenes things that happen on our shoots. Some amazing things happen on it and I am sure that we will be posting some of the greatness on here more and more. 

When we went on our trip to Yosemite for Senior Portraits, we just turned the GoPro on and let it run and Charlotte dropped some knowledge for us. 

Check this out: 

I probably could have made the video a lot more fresh, but it is perfect for just what it is!



Here is your one for the day and you better start keeping track to see if you see one every day! 

Obviously Charlotte is a little crazy, but don't tell her that I have seen one every sing le day since that trip! 


Apparently it is on the internet, so that makes it real! 

And these are the type of things that happen on our photo shoots. Keep track of those cows now!