How we sync up camera times for weddings and photo shoots

If you have ever had to edit photos from multiple cameras from a wedding or a photo shoot, I am sure that you have run into the occasion in which you forgot to sync up your times. It is not always at the top of mind before you start shooting and sometimes you remember in the middle of the shoot or at the end.

For some reason, our clocks on our cameras are never synced and we fix our times on the cameras in post. You can look for an identical moment in each camera or you can do what we like to do. We always take a photo of our phones and we usually do it when we start things out. 

Here is what we are talking about:

Here is a quick look from our recent photo shoot. Once you have the time set on the phones, then you can go into lightroom and select all the photos from that camera and sync it up with that time on the phone. 

We do this every time and it helps to deal with any headaches later. If you need some help syncing it up in lightroom, hit us up in the comments and we should be able to help you out. 

Just for quick reference, go into the library tab for your photos and turn on the metadata and select one of the cameras. Select all of the images from that camera and change the time based off the image with the phone in the photo. You can change the times on the right hand side where it says "Capture time."

I probably should make a whole post on that with some screen shots and things, but that will just have to come at another time.