OMG! Sue Bryce totally loves our photo!! Breathtaking!

LIKES. It is all about likes. That is why we post things onto social media. We want the attention. That is why we do it right? 

We posted a photo in one of our favorite Facebook groups just to see what kind of reaction it would get. The reaction was overwhelmingly AWESOME. 

Here is the photo that we posted to the page:

With that photo, we got a ton of response and over 500 likes all from fellow photographers. That was amazing! 

The comment that stood out the most was from of our favorite photographers of ALL TIME. She honestly has done so much to help us grow in this business and in this world. She is an amazing photographer and one time we will meet her! We give her so much credit to what we do and how we do it. She is an amazing speaker and teaches photographers all across the world. 

Sue Bryce! She is famous in the photography world! She is BRILLIANT! We subscribe to her website, follow all her groups and also have posing books that she put together. 

Check out her amazing work on her page HERE

Here was the comment from Sue: 

That one word...... blows our minds! There were a ton of great comments on the post, but the ONE stood out. We are blessed to do what we get to do and when someone of that caliber says a word like BREATHTAKING..... we can't help but be proud of what we do. 

It may seem like we