Proposal Shoot | Balboa Park | Sunset Cliffs | Jimmy + Dulce

2014-12-17_0003.jpg Photographers: Be Still Photography (Ernie Padaon + Fiona Padaon) Location: Balboa Park | Sunset Cliffs | San Diego, CA

So... here was the plan. This whole shoot was supposed to be a family/couple style portraiture deal with the dog. It all took place in Balboa Park and we were going to end the day at Sunset Cliffs. At Sunset Cliffs, Jimmy was going to get down on one knee and ask Dulce to marry him.

Dulce and Jimmy have this joke about tying his shoe and proposing.Β It was going to be great!!!

When we got to Sunset Beach, I was supposed to tell Jimmy that his shoe was untied and he would drop to one knee to tie his show. He then responds "it is not untied" and I go right back to say "just kidding!"

Jimmy then would look to Dulce and say, "since I am down here...."

Check out the photos from the day.

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