Snapchat becomes Snap Inc... and these new Spectacles

I see you SnapChat. I see you! 

Instagram released their version of SnapChat a little bit ago and now we see what Snapchat had been working on during all that time. 

First.. Snapchat is now called Snap Inc. It is not just about the Snap Chat any longer. Now we have these sick Spectacles! 

Check out the preview that was shared on YouTube:

The best thing is that Snap looks like they have figured out how to fix the debate over vertical or horizontal. 

Check this tweet out: 

I am pretty sure I am going to want to get in on some of these glasses! Now I have so many things that I have on my list of toys that I want to buy! I still have to pick up my iPhone 7 and now I want these Spectacles. That's on top of all the other toys that I want to grab. 

Did I mention that I want to get in on that GoPro Karma? So many things that I want to grab! Can't wait to get them and share our thoughts on them all. 

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