The ultimate snack bar for the kids at your wedding

2015-07-17_0001 If you are planning a wedding right now, then you can see one of the great ideas by one of our recent brides. She had an amazing snack bar.

We were shooters for a wedding recently and it had one sweet snack bar that you should consider for your wedding! This thing is perfect! It had all kinds of treats for everyone to get to. 4 tables full of snacks all over that was ready to be taken at any time during the reception.. I loved it and the guests loved it . You could tell since it was almost bare by the end of the night.

This table was filled with Rice Krispies treats, candies, some healthy trail mix and so much more. I am sure that the kids were back there over and over again to take some of the sweets off of that table. If you have a wedding that will have a few kids running around, this is something to consider.

I remember going to weddings as a kid and thinking that the food was terrible. If there were some snacks laid out like this, then I would have been in heaven!

If you are looking to add some sweets out for people to pick up throughout the night, this is something that you should consider. If there are going to be a lot of kids, then definitely set something like this up.

Check out more photos from that little snack bar.


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