There is a 2nd kiss at a wedding?


Everyone knows about the first kiss at the wedding. Every photographer waits for that moment when they kiss as husband and wife for the very first time. That is the moment that everyone sees and it is in front of everyone.

Does anyone remember the second kiss? The second kiss usually happens after the bride and groom procession out from the reception and after they believe that they are away from the rest of the world, they give that second kiss. The "I can't believe it" kiss or the "we made it" kiss.

It really is an awesome moment and it happens almost every single time at a wedding and it is something that we are always looking for. Sometimes it makes for a better moment than the actual first kiss.

Here is one from the wedding over the weekend that I 2nd shot for Cary Pennington. You can see after they had walked away from the reception, they met for a quick quiet moment at the church door.

Be Still Photography_0176Our job as photographers is to capture moments. This is a moment that we like to capture from every wedding. As the guests are cheering and grabbing their stuff to head to the reception, the bride and groom are sharing a nice little moment away from the chaos.

San Diego Wedding Photography: Be Still Photog | Ernie Padaon (2nd shooting for Cary Pennington)