To the couple that kissed for the cam at the color run...

  To the couple that kissed for the camera at the Color Run.... I LOVE YOU GUYS!

After shooting for 4 hours of people running and jumping in front of the camera, it was great to have something fresh to capture at that very moment. Capturing moments during an event like the mud run can get a little tedious and mundane for a portrait and wedding photographer, but then a moment like this happened.

Be Still Photography_0170I almost wanted to pull them to the side to pose them even more. The background was full of orange smoke and their faces and clothes were full of color from the run and it could have made for an interesting shoot!

Of course that is what I was thinking! We could have made some very interesting and different photos if they decided to hang out for a little bit. :)

I did have a job to get done though. Here are some of the other interesting photos from the color run:

Be Still Photography_0171 Be Still Photography_0172 Be Still Photography_0173  Be Still Photography_0175Be Still Photography_0174I kept seeing the little ones walking through all the color and I don't know if they were enjoying it at all. It seems like a kids paradise, but then after walking through it and having people toss it in your face, it might not be the funnest situation.

Anyway, it was fun working the color run. Thanks for that couple for kissing for the cam. When you guys decide to get married or need some photos.... you know who to call!