We let the kids play with a camera

Firsties... we are going to write more on here. I am going to challenge myself to post some new content on here daily. I did real well (FAIL!) on a photo challenge that I did, but I decided that I will try to at least write on the daily. We will see how it all works out. 

Anyway.... we gave our littles a camera to play with. Don't worry, it wasn't anything crazy expensive or anything, it was just something that we can get the kids involved in our world. They see us take photos all the time and it is time for them to get into the mix a little. 

We gave them an old school camera that we bring with us from time to time and let them do their thing. This should be a fun exercise to see what they want to take photos of. 

Here is what we got from them on day 1 of this little experiment....

Selfies! What in the world! We are born with it! Kids want to take photos of themselves!!!!

The low light failures of the kids will need to be worked on since a lot of the photos were blurry. None of the photos were even creative blurry, so we will put those to rest. 

Interesting some of the items that they chose to take photos of as well. A light... a medicine bottle cap... and a Japanese anime poster. I can't wait to see when these kids drop in some amazing images.

Photographers: Caleb Padaon | Sarai Padaon