Made a new preset for lightroom and hanging with the little

Spent some time working with the interns yesterday and one of the things we did was create some new presets for lightroom. We wanted to create the Indi preset look. We created an awesome preset that we will look to use from time to time. We just are not sure where we are going to post those photos at the time. 

I also created a new preset that I will look to use on our personal accounts or on any fashion looks we will look to create. We might use this preset in some of our digital marketing looks as well. The look is inspired by Sam Dameshek and you can see some photos that I took this morning of our daughter to show off the look. 

The looks brings a lot of white and brings up the highlights a ton. It also pulls out the yellows and oranges a bit. We also bring some grain into the photos as well. As we keep editing with the preset, we will make some adjustments here and there in order to make it more awesome. 

Let me know if you guys would like the preset and we can send it over to you.