Mommy & Me Photo Shoot: Michelle & Eleanor

When we first did this mommy and me photo shoot for Mother's Day, we were not sure how much traction we would pick up. After the first one though, we knew we had something special. After we created the images from the shoot, we knew that this was going to be a favorite. 

We won't be able to stop doing these shoots when Mother's Day comes around. We just watch the mom's and the little ones on the beach and you can see how much love and fun they have with each other.

We get the opportunity to capture these moments for people. We get the opportunity to create moments that will last for a lifetime. We get the opportunity to create these beautiful memories that they will be able to cherish forever. 

We are truly blessed to be able to get this opportunity to capture the lives of people. 

Michelle and Eleanor were so much fun! We walked the beach and Eleanor didn't want to leave! She loved the sand and could not get enough of the water. We probably could have hung out around that area all day long! 

Check out some of the photos from her shoot below. Also, if you are interested in a mommy and me photo shoot, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and we can get you on the schedule. Follow our social media accounts! We truly would appreciate it!