Video: Behind the scenes from photo shoot with Christina Ekonomi

I get so stoked on meeting some of the people that we get to meet doing our photo shoots. Christina Ekonomi is one of those people that I was very stoked to meet. She came down from up North to come shoot with us and she is a triathlete that is also a mom of twins. 

We know a few people that have young twins and we hear some of the heroic things she has to go through as a mom of twin boys and it is crazy. Even with the little ones be her side, she finds the time to prepare for triathlons! That is all kinds of amazing! 

We had an amazing time shooting with her. She came down to San Diego and spent some time with her mom right before Mother's Day. It was great to create some of these images with her!

We also love Betty Designs!  When they create gear that says "DO EPIC SHIT." we loved every little bit about it! 

Check out some of the photos from the photo shoot in the video below. We also would love if you left a comment to say hi!